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Once-off cleaning Services

Are you looking for once off cleaning services for your home/office? CleanServ is Sa’s leading once off cleaning company. Whether you are moving in/out of your home, or you are still staying there, your house deserves a once-off cleaning service every now and then. Cleanserv offers a wide range of Once off deep cleaning services for both your home and your office. Cleanserv One Off Deep Cleaning service is also suitable for clients who do not require general cleaning on a regular basis. This helps you maintain social distancing and avoid someone coming in regularly thereby reducing risks of infecting your home. Contact Us Today, For A Free Quote Suitable for your home or office.

Once-off deep cleaning

No matter how much time and effort you devote to a house cleaning routine, sometimes things or responsibilities get in the way of it. That’s when our Once-Off deep cleaning service to help you catch up on your cleaning comes in handy!

Having a trusted and efficient professional domestic cleaning service provider come in and take care of those overlooked cleaning tasks from time to time is imperative for maintaining a clean and tidy home.

Once-off deep cleaning services are nothing like your ordinary, everyday cleaning methods. They require the right tools, products and techniques in order to thoroughly clean and sanitise your home.

Our once-off deep cleaning and services are carried out with the help of leading industrial equipment and eco-friendly cleaning materials; we go the extra mile to make houses and apartments spotless by working tirelessly and systematically.

Therefore you can expect our deep cleaning services to be completed within a reasonable timeframe and, more importantly, to perfection!

Pre/Post- occupational Cleaning services

At the end of lease cleaning is usually required by the landlord or the incoming tenant. For pre/post occupational purposes and regular cleaning simply isn’t enough.

That’s why Cleanserv provides you with a thorough; top to bottom cleaning. We give you a clean that is perfect for move-in/move-out cleaning, sale of property, and the likes. We do everything from removing cobwebs, to cleaning out kitchen cabinets. Therefore ensuring that the house is spotless by the end of our service!

Depending on the size of the house and the nature of cleaning it requires, we will send you a team of cleaners for your pre/post occupational cleaning needs.

We provide you with a hardworking and friendly cleaning team, we use high-quality equipment and eco-friendly products for safe and effective cleaning.

Once-Off Cleaning : What’s Included?


As part of our once off cleaning services we offer a diverse suite of cleaning options all tailor made to suit our customer’s requirements. Some of these services include:

    • Carpet Cleaning Services
    • High Level Cleaning
    • Tile Cleaning Services
    • Bathroom Cleaning
    • Kitchen/Oven Cleaning
    • Pre and Post Occupation Cleaning
    • Window Cleaning
    • High Pressure Cleaning
    • Garden Cleaning Services
    • Ceiling/ Roof Cleaning
    • Emergency Cleaning Services
    • Event Cleaning

Once-Off Cleaning FAQs

What Is Spring Cleaning?
Spring Cleaning is the practice of deep cleaning of houses and commercial properties thoroughly, with the help of Heavy Duty Equipment.
What Does A Once Off Clean Include?
Cleanserv End Of Lease Cleaning is a thorough deep clean of your house from top to bottom. The cleaning includes: Cupboards (Inside & Out) Wall sockets Bathrooms Floors And/ Or Carpets Windows & Doors Kitchen & Oven Patio And Garage area.
Why Should I Clean My House Before Moving Out?
It is usual with Landlords to deduct the costs of repairs or any cleaning after you move out of your rented property. In worst cases Landlords can even use you over additional fees if you leave the property in an unpleasant condition.
How Many People Do You Send To Clean?
Our team depends on the size of the house that needs cleaning. We provide with a team ranging between 2 to 3 cleansers, depending on the number of bedrooms, and the amount of work that needs to be done.
How Long Does The Process Take?
Normally we come and drop off the cleaners at 0900hrs, and pick them up at 1700hrs, and they should be done. If you need the house cleaned earlier, we can make arrangements to send extra hands.
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