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Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners - Supreme Carpet Cleaning

Are you in the East Rand area and in need of professional carpet cleaning? Do not waste any time, call Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners for the best carpet cleaning service. We treat our Bedfordview clients with the supreme carpet cleaning service there is to offer. Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners also offer great Persian Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, and Rug cleaning. We use the most advanced carpet cleaning machines and the best chemicals which are environmentally friendly. Our Bedfordview carpet cleaning method uses a very minimal amount of water and that means quicker drying times for your young ones and pets to be all over the carpets in no time at all. We are the ultimate Bedfordview carpet cleaners. With the advancement in technology, we have also the most advanced carpet cleaning machines which allow deep carpet cleaning using the hot water extraction process. Trust us with your carpet cleaning in Bedfordview. We are your Bedfordview carpet cleaners of choice. Our cleaning results will definitely leave you with a smile on your face, marvelling at how well we would have cleaned your carpets. Are your carpets stained and soiled? Not to worry, our qualified technicians will apply an environmentally friendly stain remover and leave it to sock and then clean it in a couple of minutes. We serve our Bedfordview clients with pride and honour. Our technicians are not only qualified, they are also friendly and have full respect for your possessions.

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Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners
| Services offered include:

Flood Control

Cleanserv provide a comprehensive flood restoration service in the event of flood or water damage. We are here to assist you throughout the entire process; from assessing damage right through to completing all necessary work in order to restore the carpet/flooring to their pre-damaged condition. We also provide detailed reports to support insurance claims. When disaster strikes such as a washing machine overflow, bath overflow, burst pipe, rainwater from balcony etc., water damage restoration procedures must be followed. The last thing anyone wants is to clean up a significant mess only to find out that their favourite or precious carpet is ruined. Water damage can destroy your carpeting, leaving you with the burden of expensive repairs costs or possibly even buying a brand-new carpet. That’s where we come in! With Bedfordview carpet cleaners, you can get a professional flood control service that is known to be one of the best amongst the top. All our technicians are certified and use the latest techniques to ensure the most effective results and comprehensive solutions to manage each situation. Our aim is to have homes or businesses restored and returning to normal operations as quickly as possible to minimise negative impacts from the damage.

Pet Urine Treatment

Cleanserv specialises in high-quality bio-enzymatic urine removal processes. We offer a full-service solution which guarantees to remove the odour 100% and a cheaper alternative which we guarantee to improve the smell of the urine. If Pet urine is not cleaned up correctly cleaning will make the smell much worse. Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your carpets. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment in which the bacteria can make a horrible smell. These are difficult to remove. The removal also requires well trained technicians. When urine is first deposited onto a carpet, it has a pH of about 5 or 6, which is on the acid side of the pH Scale. It is easiest to remove right then when it is fresh. This is the reason we suggest calling Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners as a matter of urgency once this has happened. If urine dries, it turns into an “alkaline” with a high pH between 10 to 12 on the scale and becomes much harder to remove. The warm acid state of the urine offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria (often the cause of an odour), which begin to flourish almost immediately. In this original acid state, the urine starts to oxidise and react with the carpet to create a colour change, which will become permanent if the urine is not removed immediately

Rug Cleaning

Cleanserv offer the best professional rug cleaning service that will restore your rugs to their original lively colours. We offer onsite rug cleaning service in which we can clean your rugs with our warm water extraction method in the comfort of your home or office. We also offer an offsite rug cleaning service for your delicate and high-value rugs. Over time, stains, liquid spills, pet dander, pollen, dust, loose dirt, hair, tracked in waste, and other debris gets embedded in your rugs. Even direct sunlight can cause visible rug damage. Dirty rugs can be a hotbed for germs, dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, rotting food particles, and even a variety of tiny bugs. These all pose significant health risks, especially to children and seniors. This is the main reason why professional rug cleaners are needed in these types of situations. Our rug cleaning technicians are trained specially for rugs to guarantee the proper handling and cleaning of your most beloved rugs. They utilise only the best equipment and latest cleaning products to give your rugs the most superior clean
carpet stain removal

Stain Removal

Stain removal is a very complex issue that needs professional remediation. Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners know all about stains. Stain removal is our speciality. We have been in the carpet cleaning business for over 10 years and we have treated all types of stains – recent ‘accidents’ or old stubborn stains – in homes and businesses. When you call Cleanserv for stain removal services, you will have the benefit of consulting with a professional team who takes pride in their work. We understand the stress a spillage can cause to you and your family. It is not just the unsightly stain on the carpet. Sometimes it is also the unpleasant lingering odour. That is why we will do our best to come out to your property at the earliest convenient time to you. We assess the affected area and give you our recommendation on the most effective way to remove the stain and restore the carpet or rug.

Carpet Shampooing

Cleanserv is a well-established, fully licensed and experienced carpet cleaning company that specialises in Residential, Industrial and Commercial carpet cleaning across the entire Bedfordview. Our team of specialist carpet cleaners are mobile and equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and materials. We use only non-toxic and environmentally safe detergents and will shampoo your carpets on time every time, anywhere in Bedfordview. For more information, or to make use of our flood restoration services Contact Us on 0817331451 immediately

Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners – Our Rug Cleaning Process

Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners cares for the finest to the most basic rugs from around the world. We will pick up and bring your rugs back to our special cleaning facility where they will go through our thorough cleaning process for maximum soil and spot removal.


Every rug that is brought to our facility is inspected


Over time an area rug collects dust, dirt, and debris, which can dull and scratch fibers.


To clean your rug, we use the hot water extraction method which removes stains and dirt.


Our cleaning method uses a very minimal amount of water and that means quicker drying times

Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners| Your best carpet cleaning partner.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products to clean all types of carpets and rugs — commercial and residential, including oriental and specialty rugs. As the saying goes “Home is Where The Heart Is”. This relates to the sentimental value and pride homeowners take in maintaining their home and watching it grow in monetary value and here at Bedfordview Carpet Cleaners we play our part by ensuring a healthy and clean carpet for your home.

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  • It gives you free time to do other things
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