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Johannesburg Affordable Solar Panel Cleaning Service | CleanServ 

CleanServ is the one-stop solution for all of your solar cleaning needs. Whether it is residential solar cleaning, commercial solar cleaning, or a solar utility field, we clean it all. We provide cutting-edge cleaning equipment to give you the best possible outcome, at the best possible price. Every customer's solar panel cleaning needs are different. We will work patiently and conscientiously with you to understand your challenges and deliver a customized solution that addresses your objectives. CleanServ has a reputation for providing high-quality solar cleaning services at a reasonable cost structure which is the prime reason we are voted best among the myriad of solar panel cleaning companies. Solar panels are exposed to sunlight to produce electricity. However, if you live in an area with heavy particulates in the air, it's a good idea to get your panels cleaned regularly. The amount of money solar companies claim that you will save by adding solar panels to your home or business is based on the performance of clean solar panels Dirty solar panels produce less electricity, which is why regular solar panel cleaning is an essential component of any solar maintenance program. Our solar panel cleaners will wipe out every bit of dust, dirt, pollen, and bird droppings from the panels and ensure maximum r output and profitability.

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  • Fully insured

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  • Night and Day cleaning


Cleanserv Solar Cleaning Services

Our cleaning packages include cleaning equipment, a well-trained cleaning team, and a professional supervisor


Save Money Now

Hiring a professional commercial Solar panel cleaning company should be structured into your company O&M cost. Solar panels must be cleaned periodically to operate efficiently and to optimize your yearly production yield.


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With our experienced technicians, competitive pricing, Reversed Osmosis & Deionized cleaning methods available, CleanServ will not only keep your solar panels sparkling clean, but can maximize your solar energy output.


 The Dirty Job

Successfully providing cleaning solutions at affordable prices ensuring that you get value for your money.

CleanServ Solar Panel Cleaning Service-How it works

Our cleaning team is available to clean solar panel arrays on homes, businesses, or large ground mount systems. And as a part of the cleaning service, we perform a visual inspection of the solar array! This ensures that everything appears to be in good working order. Solar panel cleaning is critical to maintaining solar system performance.

    • Panels are inspected and removed of any debris prior to cleaning.
    • Spray down all solar modules with water at minimal pressure. (Do not use high-pressure washers.)
    • Water is conditioned through a water softener to minimize mineral deposits.
    • Use a soft bristle brush during heavy soil situations to free accumulated soil. They prevent micro fractures or scratches on the solar panels.
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