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Honeydew Carpet Cleaners | Superior Carpet Cleaning Service

The feel of fresh air circulating in the house starts with professional carpet cleaning. Our Honeydew carpet cleaning company offers a meticulous carpet and upholstery cleaning service at affordable and customized costs. While carpets are wonderfully comfortable and instrumental in lending a plush look to your space, they trigger numerous health ailments when they accumulate dirt and germs. And remember, you cannot prevent it from getting dirty, thanks to the numerous footfalls that it endures on a daily basis. We are an established Honeydew Cleaning Company offering professional carpet cleaning service and have built a good clientele because we have consistently delivered services that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Why Honeydew Carpet Cleaners Are The Best?

Expert Services 

All of our processes are customer-centric. We strive to provide a satisfactory service from inquiry to booking and delivery of service. Through our operations in Honeydew, we have worked with various equipment providers, tested various cleaning products, and seen thousands of different carpets.

Advanced Equipment

We invested in the best professional equipment globally. We offer affordable carpet cleaning services using proper cleaning techniques and special equipment

Great value for your money

We offer you the most comprehensive deep carpet cleaning process possible based on the use of eco-friendly detergents, experience, skills, and hard work. Best of all, we offer all of this at the best value for money in town. All in all, Honeydew Carpet Cleaners will be your favorite carpet cleaning provider in Johannesburg.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

We use different types of carpet cleaning products such as shampoos, fragrances, and odor removers. All of these have been carefully selected and tested and can be thoroughly cleaned, but gentle on the carpet and safe for humans

Emergency cleaning requests within 24 hours.

And, just to show our commitment to you we will respond to Emergency cleaning requests within 24 hours. In addition to emergency cleaning requests within 24 hours, we have built strong in-house expertise that guarantees quality


Honeydew Carpet Cleaners | Most Affordable Persian Rug Cleaning Service

The primary goal of Honeydew Carpet Cleaners is to ensure that your Persian rug looks great for much longer at the lowest cost possible. Like all our customers we will leave you amazed at how clean your rugs will be with our original steam cleaning process.

Our customers value our service because we have highly experienced cleaning technicians who are professional and courteous, and very attentive. As a result, we maintain a robust reputation for quality service and value which we build continuously. We continue to serve Johannesburg residential clients cleaning thousands of rugs monthly.

Honeydew Carpet Cleaners – Best Rated Stain Removal Service

Besides the obnoxious stains that can distract our ability to enjoy our environment, there are many stains in carpets, upholstery, and mattresses that cannot be extracted with regular cleaning or vacuuming, give Honeydew carpet cleaners a call for the best carpet cleaning service in Honeydew.

We understand the value of your Persian Rug. We also know how important it is to have stains on your Persian Area Rug cleaned properly the first time. All of our Persian Rug stain removals are done by well-trained technicians.

Throughout the years your cherished Persian and Oriental Rug will surely endure the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll help you to keep your Persian and Oriental Rugs all “good”! It’s our goal to restore your Persian Rug back to its original state of cleanliness. At CleanServ we give your Persian Carpets & Rugs the royal treatment!

Honeydew Carpet Cleaners-Upholstery Cleaning

We offer superb upholstery cleaning to our Honeydew clients and we also clean Persian carpets, area rugs and we have a maid service. We also offer upholstery cleaning at its best and most unbeatable price.

Our technicians are highly trained and very friendly; they will come to your house in pairs so you need not to worry about moving your furniture. Honeydew Carpet Cleaners will make your furnishings look new. Like our carpet cleaning, our upholstery cleaning dries very fast, due to the fact that it is never very damp at first. We only use cleaning products that are eco-friendly and free of toxic and harsh cleaning chemicals

10 Reasons To Clean Your Carpets And Upholstery

  • Impress your guests, friends, neighbors, family
  • End of Tenancy / new tenancy (Recommended)
  • Increases appearance/value of property
  • Contract carpet cleaning, workplace always clean
  • Destroy Mould spores / prevent illness
  • Remove sickly Animal smells, kill Dust mites
  • Cleans foot traffic, stains/ banish Odours
  • keeps discolor and wear at bay
  • Manufacturers recommend 6 months deep clean
  • Ensure a healthy living environment for your family
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