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Even the best cleaners often neglect an important detail: cleaning the curtains or window blinds. CleanServ provides professional curtain and blind cleaning at an affordable price. Over time, blinds and curtains collect typical household odors, dust, allergens, and pet hair. It's recommended that they be cleaned about every two years to keep them fresh and looking their best. Our well-trained technicians know how to inspect and test fabrics to determine which of their many cleaning methods is most appropriate. We excel in cleaning fine fabrics and intricate pieces. Unlike other curtain cleaning companies, CleanServ has various cleaning methods and will work with you to determine the method that best meets your needs. We even offer an exclusive process of dry cleaning draperies right in your home, so you can hold on to your privacy while getting them cleaned. If you're not 100% satisfied with the results of our specialty cleaning services, we do whatever it takes to fix it. And if we can't, we'll refund your money.

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Curtain Cleaning Method- CleanServ

Our cleaning packages include cleaning equipment, a well-trained cleaning team, and a professional supervisor

Ultrasonic blind cleaning.

Professional ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for most types of blinds. This method involves immersing the dirty blinds into a cleaning tank filled with water & eco-green cleaning solutions.

Injection/extraction blind cleaning.

This type of cleaning injects a cleaning solution into the fabric window treatments and extracts the dirty solution in the same motion. In addition, microfiber cloths are used with warm water to spot clean the blinds. It is a very effective way to deep clean your window blinds, window shades, drapery, curtains. The service is typically performed in the home so there is no need to remove your window treatments for example when cleaning wood blinds and roller blinds.

CleanServ Highly Trained Technicians

Our professionals are trained to use state-of-the-art equipment and products designed specifically for cleaning fine fabrics and perform cleaning based on industry standards as set forth by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Here Are Our Curtain And Blind Cleaning Steps:

STEP 1: Inspection

We need to ascertain the items’ integrity, age, possible sun damage, and proper operation. Sun and atmospheric contamination can degrade and weaken fabrics, so it is best for us to inspect the window treatments where they are installed. We also check their operation to see if repairs or adjustments need to be made.

Benefit: We wouldn’t want to deep clean a curtain or blind that is too weak to withstand cleaning.

STEP 2: Safe Removal

Every manufacturer uses different mounting hardware and methods for attaching them. Our experts are skilled at removing virtually all curtains and blinds safely including vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, faux wood blinds, fabric blinds, wooden blinds, and roman blinds.

STEP 3: Proper Packaging

We carefully package all types of curtains so they are safe while being transported. We have developed some of our own packaging methods because it is so important.

Benefit: Many curtains are permanently damaged and distorted when improperly handled.

STEP 4: Cleaning

Our expert cleaning technicians have many years of experience, the best cleaning solutions, and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure professional cleaning of curtains and blinds. We have developed some of the gentlest and most effective cleaning methods that remove dust from top to bottom

Benefit: Improper cleaning will damage shades or leave unsightly soil behind.

STEP 5: Packaging

We have developed packaging systems to ensure that your blinds and curtains can be stored or transported safely.

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